Saturday, May 7, 2011

" ... the omitted part ..."

I am working on the painting from yesterday and before ... (the pear is one piece of it), and I have been layering it so that the background and foreground are fighting with each other a bit:

Here, there is the slightest hint of a straight line up against the curve of the "river," but with the original boundaries softened a bit and the harsh colors gone ... Hemingway wrote, in The Moveable Feast, that he had not written the "real end" (which was a nasty one) of a story: "This was omitted on my new theory that you could omit anything if you knew that you omitted it and the omitted part would strengthen the story and make people feel something more than they understood."  I love this idea ... [although when I talked about it with students in class, it took a lot of discussion before they understood or believed it!].  I think that when there is an idea that begins a painting, and then, as the painting goes along with the idea continually shifting shape, that if the idea sustains itself, then the painting can come into being.  Here is another piece, and another after that:


  1. This is a gorgeous piece! What is the writing on it?