Friday, August 26, 2011

Annotation, in paint

After yesterday (and dreaming about orange slices), I went into the studio and looked at one of my large whited-out wooden canvases and decided to try a centered start; here is a detail:

Presence and absence... I expect I will be working through hiding and revealing and overlaying these shapes. One of Patricia Meyer Spacks's characteristically subtle annotations for Pride and Prejudice (see yesterday's post as well) occurs in Volume III, Chapter 1, where she writes that "Elizabeth's change of feeling towards Darcy takes place mainly in his absence" (and she also draws our attention to an article by Susan C. Greenfield called "The Absent-Minded Heroine; or, Elizabeth Bennet has a Thought' from Eighteenth-Century Studies 39;3, 2006, Spacks p. 292).  I hadn't really worked that through; Elizabeth needs time, and letters, and stories, and, yes, absence, to "see" Darcy's true person, to see past the "presence" of his apparently poor behavior.

I don't have an orange in my house.

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