Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cy Twombly has died in Rome...

His style of art, for abstract painters, is so influential. His art can look like elegant graffiti, as he carves into white paint or a black "chalkboard" as if the canvas were marble.  Somehow, he makes scrumbled, layered, almost "erased" paint look beautiful. Twombly also is less well-known, I think, than some of his contemporaries, like Jasper Johns; he is something of a painter's painter, perhaps.

My husband has written a piece of tanka-prose poetry about Twombly:

Some Lost Dialogue from Catallus’ Leaving

Cy Twombly died yesterday — the great scribbler line-drawer smudge-maker magician.  Watch that circle going up, coming over, down.  Roller-coaster art.  How little suggestion a flower takes, how little influence a single brush-stroke makes: two dollops of red, yellows, greens violet, and white daubed on and you have the idea, the idea of a great bouquet but he drew no flowers.  A large red circle and he lay down for a nap.

speaks in infinitives,
where motives spring
origins of things to do

to and fro trancelike
ebb and flow
you look in
just your running through

a few at a time
abandoning them
you look in
search for the plot

but there’s none
this fruitless searching
did you know
a secret
did you have one?
---Charles Tarlton

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