Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The "white, white" sea (Twombly's words), continued...

Subjectivity. My own... here is a short display of what I sometimes go through as I am assessing work. Start with two sketches, the paintings from photographs, like yesterday's, of the Sound peeking through:

The top drawing is, for me, too claustrophobic. I was working to "make visible" the spaces between the tree branches, to give them their own space, but, instead, they are clogged with paint. The lower sketch, however, still has both air and sky... it is, to me, a far better indicator of the "space between" that I saw on my walk.

But, then, my husband says that all argument and interpretation is made up of logic, observations, references, definitions, etc., assembled to prove, support or demonstrate ideas arrived at spontaneously, by intuition, in a flash. We feel ... and then we scramble to prove the feeling to be right or "true." So, in the case of the drawings above, I say that the top sketch is claustrophobic because of clogged paint. I want to try to "explain" my feeling.  Perhaps, in art, that isn't always possible.

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