Saturday, November 26, 2011

An amazingly sunny Saturday in November

and so we took a drive, to see the Bolinas and Stinson Beach Open Studios (also open tomorrow: see The towns and scenery were lovely, and the artwork rewarding. There is a new art gallery, the Stinson Beach gallery, in that town, and a good, small museum, the Bolinas Museum, there (they are showing "mini" works -- very strong show -- right now).

On the way in, we saw a stand of eucalyptus trees waving in the wind, the leaves glistening as they turned in the sun. Here they are, in a very short film:

And as we drove away from Bolinas, and then Stinson Beach, we stopped and I took this movie of the shoreline just north of Stinson Beach:

So, a wonderful day. Inspiring, brave, inventive art, a lot of wind, and small waves shining in the sun.

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