Thursday, November 3, 2011

Nakedly Nude, III: Ingres to Van Gogh to Picasso...

I have been looking at these nudes of mine and feel that the best ones contain elements of both naked and nude bodies (see previous posts, Nakedly Nude I and II).  Picasso once said that he wanted to draw Ingres's Grande Odalisque as if he were Van Gogh, drawing. So I have been working on Ingres's Odalisque and making her a little more like the cafe owner that Van Gogh drew in Paris. My odalisque still has about 800 vertebrae, but she knows we are here; her face is broader and more relaxed:

Then I kept looking at my Watch Hill triptych, with my fairly perfect nude. She just seemed a bit too well-balanced, like a Cirque du Soleil performer on a wire, and I want, as I said yesterday, to have a bit of Joan Mitchell's "sauvage" (which she also called truth-telling) in there. So here is a new naked body, strewn over the same beach, hearing the waves:

And now, I think, we have come closer to the truth.

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