Saturday, March 5, 2011

The day grows light... it's a new blog!

I am starting a new blog, to go with my new website: The old blog from 2010 will be available on the website as well. I got up early enough this morning to see the sky become blue, with streaks of pink. I did not see the sun! I am looking at this print, propped up on my couch, because it needs ... something ... and I am waiting for it to tell me what that might be. The title is "Plum Tree, Redwoods: the Coming Winter Storm" and I think it is the flashes of light that come before the storm, and a slightly darker mood that are missing... I will be working on that this morning.

Okay...  it is now the cocktail hour, and after running this monotype back through the press, I think that I have found the missing colors:
I will sleep on it, but I think we are good.

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