Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A "petite" note on the space between...

Something small ... thinking about "between" things. 

A little distance between me and a bird I am trying to photograph is a good thing ... the white pelican (who knew?) is too far away to be worried about my movements.  Some time between the writing of an essay and handing-in-to-a-professor -- or publishing, or between the painting and its delivery to a gallery can be good things, allowing for some last-minute scrutiny (and maybe helpful/brilliant changes).  Too much time between courses at a restaurant? No, not good. Too much space between lovers? Not, generally, a good thing. 

And yet ... space inside works of art is really important. Sometimes, drawings flourish without much air... think of the album cover for the Beatle's "Revolver."  But, often, I think that when viewers see too much ink, paint, charcoal, embellishment, varnish, whatever, that turns the whole experience claustrophobic. 

I was sitting drinking coffee with my husband, waiting for our daughter. I looked out the window and saw this amazing space between two buildings. It has to go somewhere. I sketched the space out in a painting, but I have since whited out that early draft. I think I will work on reviving it, in the interests of this new thinking about the spaces between. Here is its former self:

My promise: you'll be back!

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