Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Driving through a landscape

Here is a photograph from the side of the road, cropped to capture the light in the sky:

It is hard to know what to look at here... the clouds, formed from perfect children's-storybook pages, or the sky, many blues, from Matissean to Cy Twombly.  Or the trees, just beginning to soften with new growth,  majestic, totally dissimilar shapes and leaning along different angles, one horribly cropped.

The photograph captures stillness. Over time, it may become what I remember from that afternoon. But it is important, too, to work on memory, to try to see if it isn't possible to place more of your own perceptions into the picture... abstract paintings sometimes can do that... sometimes, it takes a few realistic details to pull the viewer in.  Look at a recent David Hockney stand of trees: it is of the imagination, but it is of the land, as well.

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