Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bewteen winter and summer of 2013, I shifted to a new landscape, concentrating on small works of art, made at my coffee table, combining text and image, as you will see on my experimental blog:

And here is an example of my sketchbook-sized art you may see there. I found a drawing by René Descartes from 1644, where he drew magnetism and gravity as a lettered diagram (the earth is the piece I have colored blue).  It is filled with the excitement of discovery … his … and so I started thinking about another favorite theme of mine, audience: who would he have shown this to? How would he have explained it? And then I pulled in Motherwell’s idea of the colors black and white as protagonists, fighting and succumbing to magnetism:

But now, I am revising this older blog post, because I am coming back to "Artist in an A-Frame." Stay tuned!